Wheelin’ Women Discover Cure Twist: Catheter Use on the Go

A new generation of small, easy-to-use intermittent catheters have hit the market for women, and Cure Twist™ leads the pack with its’ no-mess design and discreet packaging.  Similar in size to a tube of mascara, Cure Twist™ is becoming the pocket catheter of choice for women who use intermittent catheters.

Go where ever your wheels will take you! Cure Twist was made for women on the go.
Go where ever your wheels will take you! Cure Twist was made for women on the go.

Like the Cure Catheter® and Catheter® Closed System, the new Cure Twist™ from Cure Medical offers safety and comfort with polished eyelets and latex-free/DEHP*- free components. Additional Cure Twist™ benefits include convenience, discretion and exceptional features such as:

  • Easy, twist-off cap
  • No Drip/No Mess pre-lubrication
  • Universal funnel end
  • Attractive dispenser
The Cure Twist intermittent catheter for women is comparable in size to your mascara.
The Cure Twist intermittent catheter for women is comparable in size to your mascara.

What Women Are Saying about Cure Twist
Success stories abound from women who use Cure Twist as their everyday intermittent catheter.  Here’s what a few of them had to say about the new catheter from Cure Medical.

Kerri Vanderbom says, “I really liked that there is no water or gel that drips and splashes out when I opened it and I will switch to Cure just for that fact.”

“I show everyone that comes in [looking] for Speedicath what a mess it makes trying to open it, as opposed to the Cure brand!!”  ~ Lorraine, Physician

“These Twist [catheters] are the best thing ever. Already have several patients switching to this product.” ~ Angela, Medical Professional

“I prefer Cure Twist over Speedicath as the Speedicath Compact is too mess. The saline drips all over the place when you open the compact, Cure Twist is designed better.” ~Cure Twist customer

Cure Medical: Simply Better Intermittent Catheters
Cure Catheters and Cure Closed Systems have smooth, fire-polished eyelets, so they’re more gentle to use. Many PVC catheters are not as gentle, which can make routine intermittent catheterization a negative, and sometimes painful, experience. Cure Catheters come in a variety of familiar styles and tip options for your maximum comfort.

Cure Medical products also are inexpensive, as the manufacturer knows the high cost of medical supplies and treatment for spinal cord injury or related conditions. Cure Medical offers the best prices on disposable catheters and the Cure Twist™ is no exception, especially when you compare it to the cost of the Speedicath Compact.

Snag yourself a free sample of the new Cure Twist! See offer below.
Snag yourself a free sample of the new Cure Twist! See offer below.

Cure Catheters are DEHP-Free for a Reason
Cure is the first and only company to manufacture all of its products without:

  • DEHP, a known carcinogen,
  • latex, a common allergen, and
  •  BPA.

A Study conducted at Craig Center in Denver, Colorado found that people with SCI are 100 times more likely to get bladder cancer. To finally have a product on the market that contains no cancer-causing plasticizer or latex is a huge advancement. It may be one important step in staying healthy.

FREE Cure Twist Samples Available to Wheel:Life Readers

For a limited time, Wheel:Life readers can try the new Cure Twist™ intermittent catheter for women for free!  To request a sample of the new Cure Twist intermittent catheter, please visit http://curemedical.com/requestsample.html or call 800-663-2139.

Be sure to discuss your product preferences or questions about catheters with your healthcare provider before requesting any change to your current care regimen. Please note that this information is not a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider.

curetwistheaderAbout Cure Medical
The Cure Commitment is unsurpassed in the industry. Only Cure Medical has committed to donating 10% of net income to scientific research. Only Cure Medical catheters are DEHP and BPA free. Simply by using new Cure Catheters® or Cure Catheter® Closed Systems for routine intermittent catheterization, you take part in the sustained pursuit of a cure.

In addition to being latex and BPA free, all of Cure Medical products are DEHP free to prevent you from being exposed to the “known carcinogen” plasticizer found in most PVC catheters. Cure Medical catheters always have smooth, fire polished eyelets. Cure Catheters and Cure Catheter Closed Systems also come in a variety of familiar styles and smooth tip options to suit you. For more details, see http://www.curemedical.com.

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