Turn Heads at the Skate Park with the BC~Skate Chair by Colours

For some, chair skating is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life.  That’s why the BC~Skate Chair from Colours is designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a motocross athlete, or a steady cruiser, each chair is made custom for the user. You can even add luxury features so that you can ensure it’s as unique as you are.

BC Skate Chair

With the Colours BC~Skate Chair you can race down a flight of stairs, impress at the skate park by concurring the ramps, take curves with speed, and roll with ease after a long day at the park. Engineered for optimum performance and stability, the BC~Skate Chair is the only wheelchair available that has a TRUE Air Ride Suspension System. This makes coming down stairs a breeze.

To get your own BC~Skate Chair, fill out the Colours order form. Or, for more information call 800-892-8998.

See how Robert Thompkins uses his BC Skate Chair


Wheel:Life sat down with Adaptive Skating star and San Diego native Robert Thompkins to capture his thoughts on the world of skating on wheels.

“I broke my back on September 10, 2005,” Thompkins shares. “Growing up, I had a passion for skateboarding and it didn’t die with my injury. I’ve been chairskating for close to 8-1/2 years.  I consider it a privilege to be among the first also to have a hand-full of tricks that I was the first to do. I wasn’t taught by anyone, it’s all been self taught with hundreds of hours of practice. I joined Colours Wheelchairs in early 2014.”

 Their BC~Skate Chair has been the only chair to withstand all that I’ve put it through.


“The quality of the chair and its reputation speaks for itself,” he adds. “A few years ago, it came to my attention that it was actually illegal for wheelchairs to be in skateparks in California.  Can you believe that?  So I took part in assisting with the passing of a new law allowing all wheels to be in skateparks throughout the state.”

Thompkins flew out to Sacramento to meet with Assemblyman Brian Jones and his staff as a witness representing the value and benefits of chairskating. A strong advocate for the sport, Thompkins and his friend Mike Sanchez have hosted several events at skateparks across San Diego for all to learn and experience.  They call their organization “Looking Beyond The Wheels.”

He says, “My advice for people who are learning how to chairskate would be first and foremost to have fun with it and not give up. Put in the practice and find your own approach at it. It’s always been a way of life for me, and I am beyond thankful for the support I’ve been given, most thankful that I can still get in on the sesh with my brother and friends while still being able to chase my passion because of the Colours BC~Skate Chair.”

Don’t Miss Colours at the WMCX 2016 World Championships

RISE Adaptive Sports is teaming up once again with Action Park Alliance to host the WCMX World Championship 2016. This four-day event features WCMX Competitors from around the World competing for cash, prizes, and the WCMX World Championship 2016 Title. The event also features an Adaptive Skate Competition Division.

Anyone can learn how to WCMX in the Beginners Clinic.   The Beginners WCMX Clinic is hosted by WCMX Professionals from around the world.

The clinic is free for anyone with a physical disability that participates in their own wheelchair. Instructions by the best WMCX Professional Riders in the World! Participants will test their skills on our Pro ramp course. Each participant will be assigned 1-2 volunteers who will assist, spot and encourage riders and skaters. If riders are unable to push their own wheelchairs, volunteers will navigate them through the course. All safety pads and helmets will be provided by RISE Adaptive Sports.


RISE Adaptive Sports provides adaptive sports and recreational programs that inspire and empower individuals with disabilities. Again this year, RISE is hosting the WMCX 2016 World Championships, an event that is open to every age and range of disability.

All you need is a wheelchair, a skate park, and a whole lot of drive to be a part of wheelchair motocross. There’s no mystery as to why this activity is becoming one of the most popular wheelchair sports in the world, and thanks to RISE, you can be a part of it too. While you’re there, be sure to stop by and see Colours, one of this year’s sponsors.

The 2016 WMCX World Championship will kick off at 9am on April 23rd .

To register for this year’s event, fill out the RISE Program Reservation Form, or call the office at (469) 762-5075.

ColoursAbout Colours

Colours Wheelchairs became a turning point in the disability market since 1992 when Colours introduced our first active rigid wheelchair weighing a mere 16 lbs. Since then, we have been responsible for many great products including a four-wheel independent suspension wheelchair (Shockblade®) and another record lightweight wheelchair (ZEPHYR®) weighing 14.5 lbs. Yes, we believe we produce some of the best wheelchairs in the world. But, that is not what we are bragging about. What we are really proud of are the people who are using our chairs. They are, in our eyes, individuals who have a spirit unmatched by our competition. So, our thanks go to you, the customer, for joining the Colours Family and doing what you do best!

For more information, visit www.colourswheelchair.com


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