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Editor’s Note: Mary Marshall, founder of STYLEDWEL, created LEGG-INS® after seeing a family member struggle while adjusting to life with a catheter. When Marshall saw he was feeling embarrassed about the possibility of people seeing his urinary waste bag, her simple idea of creating a cover for it allowed him to move on with his life with dignity and discretion. Marshall gave Wheel:Life an overview of her US patented products and the many benefits they offer.


We offer products designed to safely and discreetly support urinary waste collection bags: LEGG-INS® and BAG-INS®.



LEGG-INS® is our US patented urinary leg bag cover. This product was designed to safely support the urinary leg bag with discretion and comfort. The adjustable straps allow positioning around the thigh or calf.


BAG-INS® is our tote that accommodates the larger 2000 ml bags. It can be attached to wheelchairs, walkers, bed rails, and just about anything else. The tote safely and discreetly supports urinary waste bags. Its sleek design has many features including easy access, a US patent-pending interior support system, durable straps, a handle, and pockets for personal items such as IDs, cell phones, etc.

Each STYLEDWEL product design offers a viewing window, allowing the user or caregiver to monitor contents without manipulating the collection bag.


LEGG-INS® and BAG-INS® are hand-washable, reusable, and durable.

Stress-Free Summer

Throughout the year we receive positive feedback on each style and the many benefits STYLEDWEL discretionary products provide. Summer is no exception!

The discretion LEGG-INS® offers consumers is invaluable.

Many customers confide they are comfortable wearing shorts again! By discretely concealing the waste collection bag and valve, it fosters a feeling of confidence and freedom while taking part in summer festivities.

Tips for Your Best Summer Ever6

Currently, most waste collection bags are made of plastics. The combination of summer weather, body heat, and plastic rubbing against the skin can cause discomfort and in some cases, skin irritation. LEGG-INS® design incorporates a moisture wicking mesh material that helps alleviate some irritation.

LEGG-INS® is a functional solution!

When planning to travel next door or across the continent where availability of a rest room is uncertain, BAG-INS® Urinary Waste Collection Tote is the solution! By safely supporting the larger waste collection bag, consumers enjoy the journey as well as the destination. BAG-INS® design allows consumers to hang or strap the discretionary tote to just about any surface.

STYLEDWEL is so thrilled to help take the stress out of your summer plans and hope our products will help you enjoy the best summer ever!

What STYLEDWEL Customers Are Saying

“[LEGG-INS®] is very discreet and durable. It can handle the stress from my therapies, and it has given me independence to use my leg bag by myself. Plus with summer approaching, I can now wear shorts, yay!”

“I really like my new black STYLEDWEL LEGG-INS® urinary bag cover. It is comfortable and attractive. My prior use of [bag holders] caused many problems. I can’t tell you the number of times that my urinary bag came disconnected and leaked all over me. I would get leg sores also from the rubbing of the holder.

I now feel comfortable enough to wear shorts because the STYLEDWEL LEGG-INS® holder keeps everything discreet even though the holder itself is in view.

I sometimes think people look at me and wonder if I am ‘packing heat’ and then I just smile and wheel on. Thank you for developing such a great product. It is so nice to have something that is so functional and attractive.”


“[My husband] has one of the newer power wheelchairs that has feet elevation, so we didn’t want to block it by hanging [BAG-INS®] up front. We ended up hanging the pouch from one of his armrests and ran the tube through a small hole in his pocket. Your pouch is a great innovation…it’s adaptable, attractive, well-made, and sturdy. We’ll be using it this weekend as we celebrate our youngest daughter’s college graduation. Now we can enjoy without worrying about trying to find a family restroom (very few exist) to empty the smaller capacity leg bag. Again, thank you so much!!!!!”

Free Shipping!

If you’ve been wanting to try out one of STYLEDWEL’s products, now is a great time, as we’re offering free domestic shipping. Please visit our website to order.

Editor’s Note: Check STYLEDWEL’s website regularly for the upcoming launch of their blog.


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At STYLEDWEL® we design every aspect of our products with the end user in mind . Our US Patented Products are the direct result of listening to and consulting with our consumers to develop real solutions.

We are dedicated to creating products that empower individuals, where other products hold them back. STYLEDWEL® products deliver solutions.

The Company, which is privately owned, was established in 2012 to purposely develop an innovative product line to support medical devices and beyond. Our products are currently used in both institutional and home care settings. Learn more at

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