Pig on Wheels: Meet Chris P Bacon

Editor’s Note: “You’re not the only one in a wheelchair,” Chris P  Bacon says. As a pig on wheels, Chris has turned his disability and near death experience into a phenomenal business that has touched over 60 million people. “Chris P Bacon was brought into my veterinarian office for euthanasia when he was one day old,” Dr. Len Lucero explains. “Chris was born with a birth defect, and both of his back legs didn’t develop properly. Chris’s owner felt he should euthanize Chris rather than letting this pig live with his disability. I looked at that little guy and said to myself, ‘Where there’s life, there’s hope.’ Chris was full of life, energy and spirit. I just couldn’t put him down.” Today, Dr. Lucero is Chris P Bacon’s adoptive Dad. Wheel:Life wanted to know what Chris P Bacon’s life has been like on wheels – see his story in his words below.

Chris P. Bacon16

Wheel:Life: Chris, what did you think your life would be like when you saw that you were different from your brothers and sisters?

Chris P Bacon: I didn’t know I was different until people started telling me I was different. All I knew was that when my previous owners took me to the vet clinic, I met my adoptive dad (Dr. Lucedro), and I’m really glad I did.

1 CPB - Cheese

Wheel:Life: Chris, what did you think when your dad took you home to live in his house?

Chris P Bacon: I guess he thought I was pretty cute, and I was excited. Cheerios were the best part of going home to live with my dad.

3Chris P. BaconWheel:Life: How did you reach the celebrity status you enjoy and have more than 6 million people view your YouTube channel?

Chris P Bacon: When my dad took me home, he started buying toys with wheels on them, and he took them apart and made me a wheelchair. In my wheelchair, I could get around like the other little pigs. So, Dad made a video of me with my wheelchair and put it on YouTube. That video really took off and went viral. Currently, 6 million people have watched the video of me in my wheelchair.

Wheel:Life: What happened as you began to grow?

Chris P Bacon: Well, my dad spoiled me rotten. As I gained weight, my dad continuously designed and built me new wheelchairs to fit my body. He allowed me to eat all my favorite foods, and he took me to some really-cool places to meet a lot of people.

Wheel:Life: Tell us about all the places you’ve been!

Chris P Bacon: We’ve traveled all over the country from Miami to California, Salt Lake City to Boston, Denver, Colorado, and Louisiana and Mississippi. We’ve met many people who have problems similar to mine. We go to hospitals and rehab centers and give away smiles.

Wheel:Life: What do you do at the facilities when you visit?

16Chris P. Bacon
Chris P Bacon poses with his favorite toy and his dad, Dr. Lucero.

Chris P Bacon: I look cute, roll around in my wheelchair and beg for grapes, my favorite food.  The kids, and patients and staff too, they love to get up close and personal during my visits. It’s fun!

Wheel:Life: Do the people you visit usually have grapes for you?

Chris P Bacon: Yes, they do. Somehow when they feed me grapes, they seem to feel better too.

Wheel:Life: How far can you go in your wheelchair, and what can you do?15 CPB - Lyla

Chris P Bacon: I can go for a long time using my wheelchair. I even can go to sleep and rest in my wheelchair. Usually I don’t use my wheelchair except for an hour or so before I take a nap. A lot of times I don’t use my wheelchair at all, because I’ve learned to get along fairly well without it. I’m just not as fast without my wheelchair as I am when I’m in my wheelchair.

Wheel:Life: Chris, we understand that you’re one of the few pigs in the world that has his own business. Is that true?

Chris P Bacon: That’s true. On my business website, we sell books, t-shirts, calendars and Christmas ornaments every year about me. Currently, we have a movie in the works.

Wheel:Life: A Hollywood movie?

13Chris P. Bacon
Meet Chris P Bacon – Superpig!

Chris P Bacon: Yes, sir, a Hollywood movie. It’ll be a cartoon starring me. What’s neat about the movie is I play an action character. I’m going to be a super star. There’s never been a movie made about a pig that’s an action character in a wheelchair. I’m really excited about the movie!

Wheel:Life: How did you get involved in doing a movie?

Chris P Bacon: My dad and I went to an event in Orlando, Florida, to help people with disabilities where every year, a walk around a lake there is held for people with disabilities and to benefit people with disabilities. At this event, my job was to lead the walk in my wheelchair. Usually when my dad and I go to events like that, people come from everywhere to meet me and give me grapes of course. I met a gentleman at that walk who asked me, “Are you interested in being a movie star?” I answered, “Sure.” After that initial meeting, this man and my dad did a lot of talking, and they came up with a plan. They held a fundraiser and raised enough money to do a screen play, make a music video and do a bunch of other types of promotions for the movie. We hope to have the movie completed by Christmas, 2017.

CPB - Attention

Wheel:Life: How will the movie be distributed?

Chris P Bacon: I’m not really sure. However, I believe it will be shown at select theaters throughout the nation and also available on DVD and Blue Ray, and from some of the on-demand television companies. Hopefully everyone will have an opportunity to see my movie. We’re also planning for my dad and me to go to every select movie theater that shows the movie and hold red carpet appearances for me and my dad.

I’ve never been on a red carpet before.  I hope there’s grapes.

17Chris P. Bacon

Wheel:Life: What do you think about all the fame and fortune that’s come your way, since you and your dad have gotten together?

Chris P Bacon: I’m really not concerned about the fame and the fortune. My dad and I believe that our most important mission is to give away smiles. When people come to see us, they always leave with big smiles on their faces. If that’s what I’ve been sent here on earth to do, then giving away smiles is a worthwhile goal for me.

CPB - hear me roar!

Wheel:Life: So, your disability has made you special. You’ve used your disability to help others, to become a movie star, to have three books written about you, to get 6 million YouTube fans and to own and operate a successful business – while giving away smiles. Is that correct?

Chris P. Bacon

Chris P Bacon: That’s right. I think one of the neatest things in the world is that I have written three books. I don’t know any other pig that has written even one book.The books are all about me, of course, because I was an expert on the subject.

The first book is “Chris P Bacon: My Life So Far.” The second book is “How to Roll like Chris P Bacon.” The third book is “WooHoo, Look Who’s Two”. My books are on sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major bookstores. You can find those books online the easiest.

My dad and I also have an online store. You can look me up by doing a search of my name on the worldwide web. Check out my Facebook page. So far, I’ve acquired 126,000 likes on Facebook. I’m on Twitter, but I haven’t quite determined how many people follow me on Twitter. I’m on Pinterest, but I don’t use it much. I also have a website.

Wheel:Life: How did you and your dad grow together after you moved into his home and started this tremendous business and your special lives together?

Chris P Bacon: I’m certain that I’m the luckiest pig in the whole world – from not getting put to sleep forever and all the successes we’ve had, especially with the large number of smiles we’ve been able to give away. Ever since I can remember, people have been nothing but wonderful to me. Apparently, my dad and my story have touched the hearts of people all over the world. That has been such a blessing for us. We want to let everyone know just how grateful we are for the opportunities we’ve had, and the number of people we’ve been able to meet and with whom we’ve shared our story.

Chris P. Bacon15

Wheel:Life: Chris, what message do you try to share with people with disabilities?

Chris P Bacon: When I meet someone with a disability, the first thing I do is to check and see if he or she is in a wheelchair. If he is, I ask him, “Do you want to race?’ But usually, I don’t offer that opportunity to people who look like they’re pretty fast, or, if I know for certain they participate in wheelchair sports, because I like to win. Most of the time, I just want to snuggle up to people and give them kisses. Really and truly, I’m actually bribing them for grapes. None of the things I’ve done actually have been planned, and my dad isn’t a marketing genius. People have offered to help us, and we’ve accepted their help. Social media and live TV have been very helpful for us. Everything’s just fallen into place.

14Chris P. Bacon

Wheel:Life: How many TV shows have y’all done?

Chris P Bacon: I’d hate to try and remember. We’ve been on morning shows in different cities and on regular TV about 20 various times. I call my disability a super power, because it’s let me go farther, do more and help more people than I ever could have been able to if I’d had use of all four of my legs. I think that anyone – whether he or she has a disability or not – can make the world better and other people’s worlds and lives better.

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