Peterson Outdoors Designs Excursions for Disabled Hunters

Last week, Wheel:Life had the pleasure of meeting the Peterson family who runs Peterson Outdoors Ministries, a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Peterson Outdoor Ministries provides outdoor recreational therapy to wounded warriors and their families as well as youth and adults with disabilities or terminal illness.

Tron and Misty Peterson have been married 19 years and have five children. Their oldest daughter was adopted from Taiwan and their youngest daughter was adopted from South Korea. The Petersons’ also have three boys. They reside in Southwest Missouri. They have a heart for ministering to disabled youth and adults as well as wounded warriors, and those with terminal illness by providing outdoor recreational therapy in a positive environment.

The Peterson family is commited to serving others who have disabilities.
The Peterson family is commited to serving others who have disabilities.

Peterson Outdoors seeks to accomplish this through outdoor events such as hunting and fishing adventures, offered at no cost to the participant, with the goal of providing an atmosphere of encouragement, hope, inspiration and renewal.

Military chaplain Doug Gilmer
Military chaplain Doug Gilmer

Military chaplain Doug Gilmer recently attended one of Peterson Outdoors events, a special turkey hunt in Missouri for military chaplains.  He writes, “My friend Tron Peterson of Peterson Outdoor Ministries planned the event as way to say thanks to these often overlooked heroes of our military.  This year’s is the first of what is to become an annual event to provide fun, rest, relaxation, recovery, and a time of community for chaplains. Just as with the rest of our military, our chaplains are being taxed to the limit right now. The numbers of chaplains are down, the workload is up. Of course, in addition to normal struggles of military ministry such as deployments, hostile environments, spiritual care and counseling, the chaplains are also being thrust into the very center of a changing national defense policy. Although only two military chaplains have been killed by hostile forces in the last decade, the toll taken on them emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically is great.”

He continues, “What was so amazing about this trip was not the turkey hunting (although turkeys were killed) but rather the incredible time of fellowship, rest, spiritual care, and genuine sense of caring found there. There were easily four times as many volunteers as there were chaplains making sure that everyone was comfortable and cared for. Words simply cannot express the love and devotion that Tron Peterson and his wife Misty have for our military and their spiritual care. It truly is amazing. The number of individuals, companies, and organizations that helped make this trip possible is exhaustive.”

Currently, Peterson Outdoors is undertaking an initiative to build a Lodge of Hope, a fully accessible lodge to host our nation’s combat veterans and their families as well as those with disabilities or terminal illness.  The Lodge of Hope will include:

  • A full service kitchen to feed large numbers of people
  • Disabled accessible lodging, including bathrooms
  • Meeting space for banquets and events
  • Social areas for kids, families and fellowship times

Peterson Outdoors aims to host the following events once the Lodge of Hope is completed:

Military Chaplain hunts, wounded warrior hunts, veterans fishing days, community appreciation day, family outdoors day for those with disabilities, wheelchair sporting events, adaptive water skiing event, archery and shooting sports events, and concerts.

View this video that takes you out on a hunt with Peterson Outdoors.

If you would like to partner together with Peterson Outdoors to support Wounded Warriors and their families as well children and adults with disabilities or terminal illness, please visit


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