Outdoors Adventures with the Action Trackchair

A few weeks ago, Wheel:Life posted the most popular picture we’ve ever shared on our Facebook page – one of a little girl using a specialized wheelchair to visit with her horse out in the barn.  After receiving hundreds of likes, comments and questions about the picture, we decided to share some information to help you learn more about this amazing product.

This is the most popular picture we’ve ever shared – and it’s because of the Action Trackchair!

No one wants to be in a wheelchair, that’s understandable.  But the Action Trackchair isn’t just another wheelchair. This is the Humvee of wheelchairs, a virtual tank for accessible off-roading and outdoor adventures!  This all-terrain wheelchair will go just about anywhere.

Action Manufacturing developed the Action Trackchair for those people who want to get off the normal, smooth, hard,flat, and similar types of surfaces and have the freedom to venture off into new terrain.  With the Action Trackchair, you’ll go places you didn’t think possible. Mountain roads, campgrounds, the woods, the beach, mud, snow, etc. Now you have a choice to stay on the hard surface or go off-road.

How the Action Trackchair Works

Action Trackchair exists because of a father’s love for his son. After 30 years of being in the recreational motor sports business, Tim Swenson decided to help people to have the freedom of getting off the normal path. He started developing this all terrain wheelchair in 2008. Tim and his wife Donna have a son Jeff, who is in a chair. They also knew of many other friends that would love the freedom of hunting, hiking, going to the beach, fishing, and other similar activities. The Action Trackchair enables people to have access to those types of fun.

Jeff Swenson hits the road with his dog, using the Action Trackchair.
Jeff Swenson hits the road with his dog, using the Action Trackchair.

What Folks Are Saying About Action Trackchair
Action Trackchair user Jeff Swenson says, “The Action Trackchair is by far the biggest change in my life since my accident 11 years ago. It has enabled me to be able to go hiking, camping, gardening, and HUNTING! This off-road wheelchair has definitely been life changing. I have not had so much mobility and freedom in a long time.”  Jeff’s father, Tim, is the creator of the Action Trackchair!

Skyler Twitchell, a C5-6 quadriplegic, lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and uses the Action Trackchair on a regular basis. He explains, “After my injury I didn’t think I would ever see the outdoor the way I’d grown up with and loved. But with the Action Trackchair, I’m now able to motor throw brush and over tundra by myself. This freedom is something I have been dreaming about since my injury, I need help getting in, but then I’m free to choose my own path. This chair has greatly improved my attitude for life.”

Vietnam Veteran Bill Callahan loves using the Action Trackchair to get near the water.
Vietnam Veteran Bill Callahan loves using the Action Trackchair to get near the water.

C-5 Quadriplegic Neil Altenhofen agrees, “My Action Trackchair is amazing! I now have more freedom to get out and about then when in my daily wheelchair. I no longer have to think about how to get my wheelchair to my favorite hunting spot, who will be around to help move me, etc. I now just have my wife help me get into my Trackchair, get me set up with a rifle and then off I go. No more sitting off to the side when my family is playing outside, I can get right in the fun!”

Fun in the field, or on the farm, is now accessible to everyone with the Action Trackchair!
Fun in the field, or on the farm, is now accessible to everyone with the Action Trackchair!

We here at Wheel:Life think you’ll enjoy it too!  You can view many other videos of the Action Trackchair being used by people just like you at: http://www.actiontrackchair.com/ActionTrackChair-Videos/Default.aspx

Find an Action Trackchair Dealer
To get a quote for an Action Trackchair, or to find a dealer, please visit http://www.actiontrackchair.com/ActionTrackChair-Dealers/Default.aspx

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