Made for Kids! The Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter + Free Backpack Program

Parents only want what’s best for their children and keeping them safe from harmful chemicals is becoming an everyday battle. This is especially true for parents whose children use wheelchairs. Kids who have Spina Bifida, for example, may be allergic to latex and other chemicals.

That’s why Cure Medical is thrilled to introduce the Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®! Made for kids and their concerned parents, this new intermittent catheter offers instant hydration plus smooth eyelets and is not made with scary chemicals like DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex.


Cure Medical has unveiled the new 10-inch Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® for children and their parents who want an easy-to-use, water-lubricated catheter that will not kink when it is bent. This sterile, single-use hydrophilic catheter features polished eyelets with a straight tip. It is offered in 4 pediatric French sizes for use by boys and girls.

The sterile, single use Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® also offers the following features:

  • FOR PEDIATRIC USEpediatric-hydrophilic-cure-catheter3
  • Sizes: 8-14 French
  • 10-inch long, STRAIGHT catheter
  • High quality materials — not made with DEHP*, BPA or natural rubber latex
  • Smooth polished eyelets for increased comfort
  • Purified water packet for easy, mess-free/stain-free instant hydration
  • Textured advancer/gripper for clean, controlled use
  • The Cure Commitment – Cure Medical donates 10% of net income from every catheter to fund medical research in pursuit of a cure for paralysis and urinary retention.

NO SCARY CHEMICALS – Try the Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®

Children often have more severe allergic reactions than adults do, and this is due to their body size. A small amount of allergy-inducing substance often has a higher impact on a 40-lb. child than it will on a 200-lb. man. Finding the right catheter that works for your child can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find one that’s safe and easy-to-use.pediatric-hydrophilic-cure-catheter4

The Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® is not made with DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex – especially for those parents who are mindful about their children’s chemical or allergen exposure.

DEHP is included on a published list of chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive harm according to the state of California.

Other manufacturers often use Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) as an economical means for making catheters flexible, and this is still legal.  Learn more about DEHP here. 

However, if you can avoid these chemicals all together, there’s no reason not to.

Cure Medical CEO John Anderson explains, “The use of DEHP in catheters createsa number health risks including patient exposure to hazardous chemicals which leaches from vinyl medical devices.” That’s why Cure Medical products are not made with DEHP.*

Likewise, latex may be in other brands of catheters. Natural rubber latex is a chemical which commonly causes irritation and can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. That’s why Cure Medical catheters are not made with latex.

By investing in advanced technology and selecting high-quality materials for manufacturing, Cure Medical helps ensure that users experience maximum safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Cure Medical VP of Marketing Lisa Wells recently attended the Spina Bifida Association Leadership Retreat in Washington D.C,, teaching SBA chapter leaders how to protect and serve families on social media.

Cure Medical VP of Marketing Lisa Wells recently attended the Spina Bifida Association Leadership Retreat in Washington D.C., teaching SBA chapter leaders how to protect and serve families on social media. Feel free to ask your SBA chapter or visit the SBA blog for more information on the Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®.


pediatric-hydrophilic-cure-catheter6In addition to the new Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®, Cure Medical is offering a new education program that parents can utilize to teach their children ‘How To Cath’ with fun instruction tools & resources like:

  • Backpacks in blue and pink with no logos — for discretion at school or away from home,
  • Flash cards for boys and girls that also include steps for cathing with or without stomas,
  • Coloring books with crayons, a complimentary toy – and more!

“At Cure Medical, we stand behind our commitments like funding research for a cure by donating 10% of our net Income to research programs. We also commit to quality care for our customers by including very smooth eyes on every catheter, and we never use obnoxious chemicals like BPA, DEHP (two known carcinogens)  or Latex in our products,” Anderson says.

“The CURE NATION is growing every day with delighted customers who are united in pursuit of a Cure, and we invite you to join us too,” Anderson continues.

The Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® is available now from Cure Medical and its authorized dealers. To request free samples or an educational backpack for your child, visit



It’s time to Get Out, Enjoy Life as SPORTS `N SPOKES magazine, the Spina Bifida Association and Cure Medical bring you Summer Tour 2017! We officially “hit the road” during the month of August for our seventh consecutive year in search of accessible destinations, new hot-spots to explore and adventures to uncover, and as always, you’re invited to play along.


“Community is important to the Spina Bifida Association and its constituents,” says SBA president Sara Struwe. “The Get Out and Enjoy Life program fits well with SBA’s goals to develop a stronger, close-knit community and highlight how people with Spina Bifida go beyond all limits.  This is the perfect opportunity for our community members to connect with and encourage each other to have an active summer! I’m looking forward to seeing how people with Spina Bifida spend their vacations.”


Share your favorite photos for a chance to win prizes including a custom-fit Colours Razorblade wheelchair (retail value: $5000), an iPad or a $300 gift card for medical supplies. Contest ends 8/31/17, see all of the fun photos shared by participants here.

Enter the contest now! You can submit your summer fun photo here. 

* Note: See CA EPA Office of Env. Health Hazard Assessment List of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity, Dec. 8, 2006.  Model photos courtesy of Get Out, Enjoy Life Event.

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