How GRIT is Changing the Way Wheelchairs are Sold

The way we shop has changed completely in the last decade, moving from the mall to the computer screen. The change has been a good one for consumers, forcing retailers to compete by offering first-rate customer service, high quality products, competitive pricing, and convenient delivery right to your door. It seems that every industry has caught up with the times with one notable exception: the wheelchair industry, which is still partying like it’s 1999.

Wheelchair companies have long taken advantage of an uncompetitive market: customers are prescribed their chairs and often get stuck with whatever their insurance company is willing to pay for.

Savvy shoppers are taking matters into their own hands when selecting the wheelchair that is best for their needs.
Savvy shoppers are taking matters into their own hands when selecting the wheelchair that is best for their needs.

Their customer service experience also leaves much to be desired:

  • hefty restocking fees to return a product (if returns are even possible),
  • replacement parts that are expensive and hard to find, and
  • support that makes customers feel neglected and unimportant.

In short, the wheelchair industry isn’t in the business of putting customers first. And we’d like to see that change!

grit logo top only color copyGRIT is setting a new standard for our industry, to encourage everyone to start treating customers with the respect and appreciation they deserve.  They looked at the most successful e-commerce companies in the world — from shoes, to computers, to mattresses, to eyeware — to learn lessons about how to really take care of customers. GRIT took these lessons to heart and are proud to say that the quality of their customer service matches the high quality of their products.

GRIT Goes Direct-to-Consumer

GRIT thinks companies like Warby Parker and Everlane have the right idea: by selling products directly to consumers online instead of through third party dealers, they avoid distributor and retail markup, which often inflates the cost of products you buy by 200-400%! This allows them to keep the GRIT Freedom Chair’s price low while still delivering the best off road wheelchair on the market.

GRIT Offers Free Returns

Because they only want to sell GRIT Freedom Chairs to people who will use and enjoy it, GRIT offers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee that allows customers to return their GRIT Freedom Chair for a full refund, no questions asked. No restocking fees. No surprises. No “it looks a little scratched so you don’t get a refund.” They even pay the cost of return shipping.

Not only is it good business, but it’s the right thing to do.

Happy Customers are our most valuable asset
Happy Customers are the best part of GRIT.

GRIT’s Supportive Staff

When customers need help with their GRIT Freedom Chair, they speak directly with MIT-trained engineers, who designed the product and founded the company. No call centers. No automated menus or interminable holds. Your questions get answered quickly by the people best qualified to do so.

At GRIT everyone is part of the customer service team, including our CEO Tish Scolnik, pictured here overseeing a Freedom Chair demo
At GRIT everyone is part of the customer service team, including CEO Tish Scolnik, pictured here overseeing a Freedom Chair demonstration.

2-Year Warranty & Free Replacement Parts

GRIT stands behind what they build, which is why they offer a 2-year warranty on the GRIT Freedom Chair. Something not working? GRIT is quick to send replacement parts at no cost to the rider. Their wheelchairs use commonly available bike parts, so the chair also can be easily maintained and repaired at your neighborhood bike shop.

Free Customizations Available from GRIT


GRIT understands that people come in all shapes and abilities. They’re always willing to work with customers to make adaptations to get them rolling comfortably and confidently in a GRIT Freedom Chair, whether that means:

  • a specially shortened footplate,
  • custom gearing on the lever drive,
  • modified seat angle, or
  • other customizations. No riders left behind!

Payment Plans and Financing from GRIT

In a perfect world, insurance companies would recognize the health benefits of the GRIT Freedom Chair as preventative care. Until that day comes, the company will continue to do everything they can to make their wheelchairs financially accessible to as many people as possible by:

  • offering payment plans and financing,
  • giving tips on crowdfunding, and
  • working with the Veteran’s Administration.

GRIT also recently created the Pay it Forward Fund, which takes 10% of each sale of the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward to help low income riders Move Beyond the Pavement.

Christina Rae, seen here enjoying the beach, took advantage of GRIT’s payment plan to fund her Freedom Chair
Christina Rae, seen here enjoying the beach, took advantage of GRIT’s payment plan options to fund her Freedom Chair.

Freedom Chair: Made in the USA

GRIT works with local shops and American suppliers to produce the GRIT Freedom Chair, enabling them to reach levels of quality and craftsmanship that’s impossible overseas. They hand-assemble each chair in their Boston office, and are proud to support American manufacturing.  GRIT is even prouder to ship a product that they know customers will be using for years to come.


At the end of the day, we know the GRIT Freedom Chair isn’t right for everyone, but great customer service is always right for the community we serve. We hope more companies in this industry will follow suit.

Note: The GRIT Freedom Chair is a recreational device used by individuals with a range of abilities. It is not recommended as an everyday chair and it is not suitable for those with complex seating needs. For everyday chairs, it is important that individuals work with a trained ATP to ensure proper fit and sizing.

Learn more about GRIT Freedom Chairs here.



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