Hollister Educates Clinicians Who Help People with Spinal Cord Injury

Living with a spinal cord injury or spina bifida can be a challenge. But the more your health professional knows about the different aspects of that challenge, the more prepared they will be to successfully address and help you overcome it.

That’s why Hollister Incorporated, the maker of well-known products like Advance Plus and VaPro intermittent catheters, is committed to providing educational and supporting resources for clinicians who help people who use wheelchairs in addressing and managing their continence issues.

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As part of their ongoing effort to support medical professionals nationwide, Hollister has created a clinical section of their People First website, and is also engaged in healthcare events around the country.

Fear Not: Embracing Life’s Journey

Hollister will be offering a product theater presentation at the upcoming Association for Rehabilitation Nursing conference in New Orleans on Thursday, October 1.  Presented by motivational speaker and wheelchair user Dale Spencer, the presentation titled “Fear Not: Embracing Life’s Journey” will share his perspective on the personal journey that wheelchair users undertake in overcoming fear.

This is a must-attend event for any medical professional who works with spinal cord injury and is committed to helping patients return to life and find their new normal.  Register for the ARN Conference HERE.

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In addition to the ARN Conference, Hollister educational representatives will also be on hand at the following clinical events in 2015:

Hollister Educates Clinicians Who Help People with Spinal Cord Injury 1

People First: Extended Resources for Lifelong Support

Medical professionals are also encouraged to visit the Hollister People First website to download information about:

  • Hollister programs,
  • brochures and guides for products,
  • lifestyle and education guides, and
  • resources for clinicians.

Specific clinical resources available on the People First website include clincian webinars on SCI Support Options Post-Rehab; Intermittent Catheterization: Practice and Challenges; and Urinary Catheters: Risks and Best Practices for Prevention of UTIs, as well as an interactive online course in continence care education for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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In addition to product information related to Hollister’s intermittent catheters and hydrophilic catheters, clincians have access to a User Appreciation Study conduced among VaPro users where 57 patients trialed the VaPro intermittent catheter and the majority found it easy to use.  A complimentary VaPro assessment also shares the perspectives of 38 healthcare professionals  who evaluated the VaPro intermittent catheter and completed a survey about their experience.


Other resources include a clinical paper, Hygienic Benefits of a No-Touch Catheter, that presents information about the three methods of intermittent catheterization and the hygienic benefits of a no-touch intermittent catheter, along with verbal, and written order requirements and mandatory criteria for medicare urology prescribers in an itemized and ready-to-use documentation checklist.

The Hollister People First website also shares inspiring portraits of individuals who’ve managed their challenges with courage and dignity along with clinicians who have helped in their journey, like Kathleen Meehan-Farrar and Susan Krinsky.

Hollister Educates Clinicians Who Help People with Spinal Cord Injury 8

For more information or to request a product sample, please visit https://www.comfortmedical.com/brands/hollister-catheters/.

About Hollister Incorporated
hollister incorporatedHollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufacturers, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide.  The company’s global headquarters are in Libertyville, Illinois, forty miles north of downtown Chicago. Learn more at www.hollisterpeoplefirst.com.


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