Hollister Continues Secure Start Ambassador Service for Spinal Cord Injury Support and Speaker Events

Having a network of support makes all the difference in recovering from a spinal cord injury.
Having a network of support makes all the difference in recovering from a spinal cord injury.

Learning to cope with a spinal cord injury may be the biggest challenge ever faced by the person with a spinal cord injury and his or her family.  Knowing that they are not alone in such a difficult situation is comforting.  A very important part of recovery and motivation for some people with spinal cord injury is the encouragement and inspiration that a Hollister Secure Start Ambassador can bring by telling their personal story of success after their injury and a personal account of their support experience with the Hollister Secure Start Ambassadors which is continuing in 2014 as well.

What are Secure Start Ambassadors?
Believe it or not, your life story is special and others may benefit by hearing it. A Secure Start Ambassador is a person living with a spinal cord injury who tells others his or her story. Ambassadors are either users of Hollister products or enrolled in the Secure Start services for intermittent catheter users. As you probably know, those who have experienced a spinal cord injury may be anxious and unsure about the future. Hearing an uplifting and inspirational story from a peer first-hand can really help.


Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned global company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products, servicing over 90 countries. Hollister Continence Care offers research-driven urological products and services to help provide independence to people whose lives have been affected by spinal cord injury.  Hollister is committed to people and to helping empower their lives. Everything they do is informed by a single guiding principle: People First.

The Secure Start Ambassador services are just one example of how Hollister offers support to people who have spinal cord injuries.   Secure Start is a combination of innovative products and customized care so that a person can easily manage their continence and keep their life moving forward. Any Intermittent Catheter user can enroll in Secure Start Service for personalized support with catheter related questions. The service is free to anyone, whether they use Hollister catheters or not.  The enrollee may be involved with Secure Start for as long as they wish with no obligation to use Hollister products.


Hollister Secure Start Ambassador Program:
Part of the Secure Start services at Hollister is the Secure Start Ambassador service.  Secure Start Ambassadors are people who have experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI) and in spite of the life altering effects of the injury, they have developed and achieved new goals in their life. They visit SCI support groups to present their encouraging story.  Secure Start Ambassadors are a part of the variety of resources available through the Secure Start services and serve as a voice in the community – providing an inspirational account to their peers, as they transition to independence in decision making and in activity.

Goals of the services are to let others know there are people who have experienced a SCI and have transitioned back to a meaningful life after injury, and who can also share what they have found to be helpful, including the Secure Start services.

The Secure Start Ambassadors provides an opportunity to use individual public speaking skills to give a short presentation to different groups who are interested in their personal inspirational and encouraging story.  This opportunity may also help to boost the confidence level changed by coping with a spinal cord injury.

  • Assistance is provided for all levels of experienced speakers to become a Secure Start Ambassador presenter.
  • Speaker time commitment will be about 1 ½ to 2 hours per meeting including travel to and from the meeting place and a short presentation.
  • The opportunities to present will depend on the number of support groups in a specific community.
  • Ambassadors contract with Hollister Incorporated and are paid for each presentation to cover their time and any travel expenses. 


Secure Start Ambassador Recruiting and Training:
Todd Haley, Manager Secure Start Services, is in charge of the Secure Start Ambassador Services and is recruiting people to become Ambassadors.

Secure Start Ambassadors:

  • Are responsible.
  • Are able to openly discuss their lives and many aspects of their injury with others.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • Will accept compensation per speaking engagement as full coverage for any related costs
  • Live in a US metropolitan area where SCI support groups exist

How it works:

Hollister will pay $100 to cover your time and local travel expenses to make occasional presentations at support groups and other community events. We understand that you may not be a professional public speaker. No need to worry. Hollister will help you craft an interesting talk. We have a complete support system in place for you to help make your ambassadorship an enriching experience for those attending your presentations.


To learn more about how to become a Secure Start Ambassador, take a look at the People First website, particularly the services section which discusses Secure Start. www.hollisterpeoplefirst.com or call 1.888.740.8999. Email: ccsecurestart@hollister.com

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