Get Out, Enjoy Life: 10 Things to Do This Summer

There are plenty of accessible activities that you can enjoy this summer. Here’s a list of ideas that sprung out of our 2014 Get Out Enjoy Life event that we hosted along with SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine & Life After Spinal Cord Injury.

1)   Lounge at the beach

Many of us go to the neighborhood pool, but there’s nothing like white sandy beaches on a hot summer’s day. Don’t forget to lay out and work out on your tan (with sunblock of course) on an accessible beach this summer!

2)   Go Snorkeling

Need more adventure than lounging on the beach? Well, head underwater for some snorkeling! In clear water, you can check out sea creatures in their natural habitats!

3)   Go Tubing

There may be a trend here with all of the water related activities in the summer, but what can we say, it’s definitely the best place to be when it’s 80+degrees outside. Tubing is your best middle ground if you don’t want to submerge yourself underwater but need a little bit of it. Enjoy coasting down a river with your friends and family!

4)   Check out a nature trail

Nature during the summertime is buzzing with full leafy trees and beautiful scenic routes. Don’t miss out checking out natural trails during the crisp summer mornings.

5)   Go Kayaking

Up for some adventure this summer? Try kayaking! This water sport is going to give you a work out while also giving you beautiful views of water and lush trees around you.

6)   Go Fishing

Need some relaxing after all of the water sports mentioned above? Fishing is a fun, relaxing pastime that allows for bonding while learning the patience of “the hunt”.

7)   Play some sports: Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, all of the above

We all know that summertime is baseball season with hot dogs and pretzels, but don’t let that limit your sports activities. Enjoy some baseball, tennis, basketball, anything familiar or out of your comfort zone! Try adaptive sports out this summer.

8)   Learn a new activity: Archery perhaps?

Why not take some inspiration from Hunger Games and the cartoon Brave into a real life activity: archery. Make this summer memorable with new hobbies where you can meet new people as well!

9)   Go on a continental trip and check out a national monument, or go global and check out a world treasure.

Take a journey by driving a few hours away to explore some new territory. Enjoy the United States history after this July 4th and learn more about your country’s history. Want to get a global adventure in as well? Grab your passport and take an adventure around the globe with an accessible travel planner!

10) Take a risk! Go explore a place you haven’t seen before, or do something you will only do once in your life. 

Go to the touristy area in your hometown that you never visit. Check out a spot that everyone talks about and you keep saying you’ll go and see it. Or, be the dare devil you know you are and try out that one thing you keep saying you have to cross off your bucket list…sky diving perhaps?


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