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Free Lifestyle Books from Wheel:Life

Wheel:Life centers on sharing free resources and information for people who use wheelchairs.  That’s why we have created three books that act as guides for wheelchair users. Take a minute to learn more about “10 Fundraising Ideas for People with Disabilities,” “Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users,” and “Discovering: Accessible US Travel Guide for Wheelchair Users,” before downloading your free copy!

10 Fundraising Ideas to Help People with Disabilities

Fundraising ideas can be easy, you just have to figure out what it is you’re looking to accomplish, and from there begin brainstorming in order to make it happen. But, sometimes coming up with a way to raise money can be frustrating. In this book, we can help you discover the best fundraising ideas to fit your needs, by sharing the personal fundraising success stories from some of our friends at Wheel:Life.

10ideaslowres240x24010 Fundraising Ideas to Help People with Disabilities features interviews from:

  • Paralympian Bert Burns on how he raised support to begin his career in wheelchair racing
  • Project Walk Atlanta participant Leslie Ostrander on how she raised money for additional rehab
  • The founders of 100 Songs for Kids on their annual music event to benefit children’s medical charities
  • Rolling Inspiration creator Chris Salas on how he lined up sponsors for his SCI peer support group and power soccer team
  • The creators of Hunter’s Torch Daylily Garden, a fundraising resource for a child with special needs.
  • The Independence Fund – a little known source of financial support for disabled US veterans.

If you have a disability, and a facing a financial challenge, you can request a free copy of this book at:


Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users

Reconnecting-CoverLowRes240x240Often, people struggle with relationships, not always knowing how to connect or reconnect with another, especially after facing a life-changing event. In this book, you’ll meet six individuals who use wheelchairs, as they tell their stories about how to reconnect with family, friends and relationships including dating, marriage and parenting.

Reconnecting features interviews from:

  • Graduate student & quadriplegic Ather Sharif about connecting on a college campus
  • Amputee Thomas Morris on connecting through his unique appearance and personality
  • NSCIA Buffalo NY President Natalie Barnhard who connects Wheels with Wings
  • Paraplegic Todd Robinson who explains his family connection throug the joy of adoption
  • Quadriplegic Ashleigh Justice who connects on the quad rugby field and as a young mother.

If you have a disability, and a facing a financial challenge, you can request a free copy of this book at:


Discovering: Accessible US Travel Guide for Wheelchair Users 

Discovering-Coverlowres240x240With Discovering: Accessible US Travel Guide for Wheelchair Users, you can explore accessible travel destinations and resources state-by-state. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, or want to get to know your home state a little better, this book will help you to locate wheelchair-accessible places, events and activities in your area.

100+ pages long, Discovering shares accessible travel destinations and family fun spots nationwide. The book applies to anyone who has a mobility challenge, whether you are new to using a wheelchair or a seasoned pro.

“Wheel:Life has prepared this travel guide to assist people who use wheelchairs with new and exciting ways to explore their world,” author Lisa Wells says. “We are thrilled to provide practical advice by offering handy travel tips, family-friendly destinations and travel pictures shared by wheelchair users.”

If you have a disability, and a facing a financial challenge, you can request a free copy of this book at:


Wheel:Life is able to publish resources like these books due to the generous financial support of sponsors.

Wheel:Life sponsors and organizational partners include: BARD Medical, Cure Medical, Hollister, MelioAbilities Expo, SPORTS ‘N SPOKES, The Mobility Project

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