Familiar Foods Help Wheelchair Users with Natural Weight Loss

Editor’s Note: Our friends at SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine are sharing a series of articles with Wheel:Life to help you discover and enjoy wheelchair sports as well as active, healthy lifestyles! We’ll be posting the highlights with a link to the full story below. 

Did you know that insulin resistance, a common problem for people with SCI/D, makes it difficult for glucose to get into your cells to be used for energy? If insulin can’t get into your body’s cells, then it gets stored as fat and, as a result, causes weight gain. Consider adding these familiar foods to your diet to help with weight loss and to promote fat burning, naturally.


There are so many gimmicks on the market today for quick  weight-loss solutions that it can be very confusing, expensive and possibly dangerous to your health. Will  this work for me? Is this product legitimate and help me lose weight?  Are there any health concerns involved in taking this supplement? While these are all important questions to ask, you really don’t need to get  bogged down by the raspberry ketones and green coffee bean fads that are covering the media as of late.

mar2014sns_heat_tomatoesThere  are a ton of great metabolism-boosting foods found in the supermarket  and even in your fridge. Not only do these foods boost your metabolism,  they also offer an array of vitamins, minerals and fiber that provide a  variety of benefits.

Here are several natural foods to consider adding to your diet:

  • Celery
  • Cayene Pepper
  • Berries
  • Tomatoes

Find out how these foods help with weight loss naturally by reading the full story here.

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