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When you go home from the rehab hospital, who do you call with questions about your catheter, or issues that may arise when you are travelling, working, or self-cathing over time? Secure Start services from Hollister Incorporated provides a lifetime of free, customized support for intermittent catheter users, regardless of the brand of catheter you use.


Hollister Secure Start advisors are here for you with ongoing support as long as and whenever you need them.  That’s why Wheel:Life is proud to share the following information below, as a free advice center for our friends who use catheters or continence care products.

Why Enroll in Hollister Secure Start?

The Hollister Secure Start program provides intermittent catheter users with customized support and services from dedicated service professionals for a lifetime, no matter what brand catheter they prefer. Catheter users will also be provided with educational and community resources.

Secure Start professionals act as a personal advocate, giving you a reliable source of information and support. When you need assistance, they’ll be there to help. The program centers on building individual connections, which is why they have built long-term relationships with a variety of non-profits and healthcare organizations on your behalf. This way, Secure Start will connect you with the resources, people and information you need in order to live the life you want to live.

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There is no cost to enroll in the Secure Start support program, and customers will have a dedicated team at their service who will provide assistance with any of their intermittent catheter needs.   So whether you’re a regular user looking for better solutions and a wider variety of options, or if you’re new to using a catheter and looking for the best information available, you’ll be in good hands with Hollister’s new support program.

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What Secure Start Can Do For You

Don’t worry, particularly if you’re new to using a catheter. Secure Start is here to guide you along the way, providing you with guides for use, a product brochure and other educational resources to help with questions you may have as a new user.

No matter what your insurance plan is, the professionals at Secure Start can find and explain the best options for your plan. You’ll also be advised on various brands of urological products, the allowable quantities, and will be given information to help determine whether or not your selected products are covered by government insurance. If you have questions about insurance coverage on any given products, the reimbursement specials at Secure Start will be there to help.

Upon request, Secure Start will also provide you with information about various suppliers, and support you with the supplier of your choosing.  On top of having access to a professional staff, you will also have access to healthcare professionals that are available to answer any medical questions related to intermittent catheter products.

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Educational Programs Sponsored by Hollister Secure Start

Secure Start services continues to offer patients support with finding local support groups and community events to help people stay connected.  Hollister has provided educational grants to the United Spinal Association and Pediatric Urology Nurses and new education from these two groups that will be posted on the Hollister website soon.

You may also have seen the free educational webinars on catheter choices and access offered by United Spinal and the Spina Bifida Association that were funded by Secure Start resources.  Please enjoy these educational videos below.

Types of Intermittent Catheters and Access to Urological Supplies

Hosted by United Spinal, this webinar discusses the different types of intermittent catheters available on the market today including no touch catheters and hydrophilic catheters, as well as access to intermittent catheters. Participants will learn that not all catheters are the same and be equipped with the knowledge to become their own advocate when it comes to the intermittent catheter selection process and securing appropriate documentation to ensure continued access.

Audience: Wheelchair users and other individuals who use intermittent catheters as well as their caregivers.

Presenters: Anna Markiewicz, Senior Reimbursement Specialist at Hollister Incorporated and Lydia Cannady, Senior Product Manager for US Continence Care at Hollister Incorporated

Proper Bladder Irrigation authored by Shelly J. King brought to you by Hollister

This video is available on the Spina Bifida Association website. Ms. King RN, BSN CPNP, MSN, is the Director of the Children’s Continence Center at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has 30 years experience in the care of children with neuropathic bowel and bladder.  Riley is a center of excellence for urologic reconstructive surgery, an area of expertise for Ms. King. She works with the renowned surgical team of Richard Rink, Mark Cain, Martin Kaefer, Rosalia Misseri, and Ben Whittam. She is grateful to the patients and families who participated in the making of this video to educate others.

A Bridge for You to Inspire Others

If you would like to give back and assist others on the same journey, Secure Start can help you achieve that as well. This program has ambassador services available where individuals with spinal cord injuries can share their stories with others to help newly injured people adjust. This is a great way to encourage, uplift and inspire newly injured individuals.  To learn more, visit www.hollisterpeoplefirst.com/securestart.


Join Secure Start Today

Secure Start will be with you from the start. Once you enroll with their services, you will receive informational resources on health, wellness and lifestyle tips to help support you along the way.

For more information and to enroll in the Secure Start program from Hollister, go to www.hollisterpeoplefirst.com/securestart.


About Secure Start Services
Secure Start services was established 10 years ago as a service brand of Hollister Incorporated to provide ongoing support and resources to people living with disabilities. The service connects individuals, regardless of the product brand they use, with a dedicated Lifetime Service Coordinator who helps trouble-shoot product concerns; find product suppliers; and access education and lifestyle information, including Secure Start services’ new webinar series. For more information on Secure Start services, please call 888.808.7456.

hollister incorporatedAbout Hollister Incorporated
Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufacturers, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide.  The company’s global headquarters are in Libertyville, Illinois, forty miles north of downtown Chicago. Learn more at www.hollisterpeoplefirst.com.

Hollister Incorporated is a proud sponsor of Wheel:Life.  Learn more about Wheel:Life sponsorships HERE.

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