Dress for Success with Adaptive Clothing Options

For years, people who use wheelchairs have struggled with finding clothes and fashion styles that are attractive and yet easy to put on and take off.   A growing number of options are available today that are both stylish and designed with wheelchair users in mind.  Here’s a few of our favorites below.

Rollin’ Wear
Rollin’ Wear Inc. makes and sells adaptive clothing that gives its customers the opportunity to express their personal style.  The company was started out of the need for a stylish alternative to today’s adaptive apparel companies.  We particularly like their jeans!


Rollin' Wear jeans include an adaptive zipper pull to make them easier to get on and off.
Rollin’ Wear jeans include an adaptive zipper pull to make them easier to get on and off.

Rollin’ Wear Jeans offer:

  • Higher rise in rear and lower rise in front for comfort while sitting
  • Flat seams on rear of jeans and no hardware to eliminate pressure points (faux back pocket stitch for style)
  • Sturdy belt loops placed for ease with dressing
  • Metal hook and bar closure in lieu of functional button/non-functional button for style
  • Adaptive zipper pull
  • Increased length in zipper to assist with dressing
  • Medium weight denim with 1% stretch

And the company is about more than just clothes. Rollin’ Wear strives to encourage and empower individuals to push the limits of their abilities and imaginations, so they may exceed their own expectations and in turn inspire others. Rollin’ Wear believes in the importance of highlighting the success of others provides inspiration in turn for those who are seeking personal growth.

Check out their latest Roll Models and fashions:  https://www.facebook.com/rollinwear

Oscar_Mike22Oscar Mike: Clothing with a Mission
In 2003, 21 year old Marine Corporal Noah Currier from Poplar Grove, IL, was deployed to Iraq with Charlie Co 1st LAR as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Three days after arriving home from combat Noah and a fellow Marine were in a vehicle headed back toward Camp Pendleton when the driver fell asleep at the wheel sending their vehicle rolling down an embankment. Noah suffered a severe paralyzing spinal cord injury from the accident.

Seeking a way to afford the necessary physical therapy for himself and a fellow disabled Marine, Noah came up with the concept of using a t-shirt inspired by his brotherhood in the Marine Corps as a fundraiser. He designed a shirt that boldly stated He who sheds blood with me shall forever be my brother across the back. The shirts quickly caught on with supporters and the fundraiser turned out to be an overwhelming success. Enough units were sold to afford Noah and his friend another six months of additional life-changing physical therapy.

CampOIFSweat31.470headerSince that initial fundraiser, Noah has turned Oscar Mike into a full-fledged clothing line consisting of 100% American made military themed apparel and brand-line active wear. Oscar Mike has allowed Noah to employ other disabled Vets, aid in rehabilitative programs, organize a disabled Veteran based non-profit (The Oscar Mike Foundation) and not to be overlooked, it’s allowed Noah to stay on the move in his own personal life after his injury.

Oscar Mike has been monumental in making a difference in many people’s daily lives and will continue to do so with the unwavering support of people like YOU.

Visit the Oscar Mike store at www.oscarmike.org/shop.



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  1. Thank you so much for the post, I was actually looking fro some clothes for my friend, Now I know what to buy and give to him as a gift.

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