Discover the Ultra-Light Invacare Top End Reveal Wheelchair

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when they first begin using a wheelchair is to request all of the bells and whistles they can possibly find to be added to their new set of wheels.  All it takes is one day of pushing a 35 lb. chair to convince you that lighter is better.  That’s why Wheel:Life is sharing a fantastic new option that is lightweight and constructed right here in the US.

Ultra-light and customizable, the Invacare Top End Reveal wheelchair is ready to take you where ever you want to go!
Ultra-light and customizable, the Invacare Top End Reveal wheelchair is ready to take you where ever you want to go!

The Invacare® Top End® Reveal™ Wheelchair is the latest ultra-lightweight performance rigid wheelchair in the Top End® wheelchair family. It combines modern design and essential adjustments with overall exceptional value.  Tailored to fit, the Reveal wheelchair ensures the best wheel access and efficiency by adjusting the center-of-gravity, rear seat height, caster angle, caster placement or back angle.

The Reveal™ wheelchair also employs the latest frame material technology, 7005 aluminum, ensuring a smooth and energy-efficient ride. Used in the cycling and aerospace industries, this material helps to increase the chair’s overall rigidity and strength without increasing the overall chair weight. This open frame design is super lightweight at a mere 19.71 lb., making the chair more compact than a full frame and easy to transport.

You also have a world of customization possibilities with your Invacare® Top End® Reveal™ Wheelchair, including a color that fits with your personal taste.  When it comes to mobility products, color is the most individualized option on the market today, and Invacare doesn’t limit your imagination when designing your next chair.invacarecolors

From Grasshopper Green to Electric Red, the Reveal wheelchair has a color option that appeals to everyone! So whether you are making a fashion statement, matching your favorite sports team or simply making a neutral choice, there’s a color that just right for you in the Reveal design scheme.

Additional Features for the Reveal WheelchairLg_Reveal

  • Full offering of tires and wheels including the new standard Lightweight Performance Stylized Spoke Wheel
  • The stylish grey mesh, no-charge back upholstery offers comfort and a modern look with its soft, breathable material and cushioned inserts around the spine. The grey mesh compliments the new no-charge caster family
  • The frame allows for ample center-of-gravity and rear seat-to floor adjustments by using the seat support to fine tune for a more optimal fit
  • The back angle can be adjusted simply by loosening a buttonhead screw and rotating an adjustment square located on the inside of this back bracket. Adjustments can be made in 4° increments with a total range of 16°

Visit Top End for more information or call 800-532-8677.

About Top End Wheelchairs
Since its beginning in 1986, Top End has produced medal-winning, performance wheelchairs for the best athletes in the world – so let us build one for you!   Team Invacare athletes have won countless medals using Top End wheelchairs at the 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Paralympics. Top End is a part of Invacare Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles for people requiring home and other non-acute health care.

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