Affordable Apogee Essentials: Intermittent Catheters Designed by Hollister with Your Budget in Mind

Co-pays. Deductibles. They’re a part of life, unfortunately, and now’s the time to keep them in mind as we enter insurance enrollment season.  We all have a list of healthcare must-haves and intermittent catheters are at the top of that list for most of us who are on wheels.

That’s why Wheel:Life is thrilled to share the Apogee Essentials line of intermittent catheters from Hollister Incorporated with you. Developed based on feedback from both healthcare providers and patients who are facing declining reimbursement rates, Apogee Essentials are a full line of more affordably priced continence care products made by Hollister.


Apogee Essentials Intermittent Catheter Features

The Apogee Essentials line includes both non-lubricated and lubricated hydrophilic coated catheters which are designed for easy catheterization. Apogee Essentials intermittent catheters are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths.


All Apogee intermittent catheters feature:

1: Smooth eyelets for comfortable insertion and withdrawal

Apogee HC hydrophilic intermittent catheters feature:

2: Sliding sleeve for added control

3: Burstable water packet

4: Even hydrophilic coating for smooth lubrication


Apogee Essentials Intermittent Catheter Options

Depending on your individual needs, there’s an Apogee Essentials catheter that may work well for you, whether it is their straight intermittent catheter, hydrophilic catheter or Apogee Plus, a touch-free intermittent catheter system.

Apogee IC Intermittent Catheter

  • Apogee IC catheters are designed to help you catheterize easily.
  • Smooth eyelets to aid comfortable insertion and removal
  • Flexible funnel has enhanced grip that helps promote easier handling
  • Guide notch on funnel indicates coudé tip position


Apogee HC Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

Apogee HC catheters have all the benefits of Apogee IC catheters, plus:

  • Burstable sterile water packet activates the catheter coating
  • Catheter is designed to be well lubricated with a slippery smooth surface
  • Sliding sleeve helps to avoid touching the catheter and provides more control
  • Large finger holes for easy package opening [if you have limited hand dexterity]

hollister-apogee-intermittent-catheter-kitApogee Plus Touch Free Intermittent Catheter System

The Apogee Plus catheter is a gel pre-lubricated, touch free catheter with integrated collection bag.

  • Integrated 1500 mL collection bag supports touch free catheterization
  • Protective tip is designed to help bypass bacteria in the distal urethra and reduce the risk of carrying bacteria up into the urinary system
  • Smooth catheter eyelets aid comfortable insertion and removal
  • Available with and without insertion supplies: gloves, underpad drape, gauze and PVP swabsticks

Request a Free Apogee Essentials Catheter Sample

If you’d like to try out the new Apogee Essentials catheters, click here to request a free sample from Hollister’s distribution partner Comfort Medical!


Quality Comes First with Apogee Essentials

By offering the same trusted quality from Hollister that patients know along with the same Apogee catheter comfort that they expect, Hollister hopes to continue helping healthcare professionals deliver a more rewarding and dignified quality of life for patients.

“Hollister Continence Care is fully committed to providing products, services and support to help healthcare professionals provide personalized patient care,” said Sal Mancini, Vice President Professional Relations and Clinical Education. “These additions to our line of quality products and services enable us to provide more comprehensive support to both healthcare professionals and the patients they serve every day.”

hollister incorporated secure start

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products, educational materials and services worldwide. The company develops and manufactures products for ostomy care, continence care, and wound care, and also develops educational support materials for patients and healthcare professionals.

Hollister Incorporated has been serving healthcare professionals and consumers for 95 years, and is committed to making life more rewarding and dignified for people who use the company’s products and services. To learn more, visit

wheel:life cure medical

comfort medical brochureThe Wheel:Life-Comfort Medical Relationship

Wheel:Life is now part of the Comfort Medical family! With more than 26,000 followers on social media, we served more than 100,000 website visitors with lifestyle resources last year.  To help us expand our community impact, we have become part of the Comfort Medical organization.

Thanks to our relationship, we are able serve even more people who use wheelchairs with lifestyle resources, helpful products, and services.

Comfort Medical provides an extensive selection of name brand catheter and ostomy supplies to thousands of customers nationwide. Their attention to detail, unmatched customer service, and dedication to helping customers live a happier, healthier life are just a few of the many reasons Comfort is one of the fastest growing catheter and ostomy supply companies in the nation.

Questions? Ask one of our representatives at Comfort Medical. They will be happy to help!

Note: This article is for informational use only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice. Ask your doctor about issues related to your health and neurogenic bladder, and if Hollister Catheters are a good fit for your continence care needs.


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