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Hollister is known for developing trusted healthcare products, designed to make the lives of those facing healthcare needs, easier.  With a main focus on serving individuals with neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction, as well as supporting the people who care for and love them, Hollister is striving to help people stay independent. That’s also why Hollister has redesigned their website, making it even easier for people to find information, products and resources to stay independent and live an active lifestyle.


On the Hollister website, it’s now easier than ever to:

  • find the quality products that fit your individual needs,
  • navigate the new site, and
  • browse a variety of resources displayed throughout.

While you may already be familiar with Hollister continence care products, this website also covers ostomy, critical care and wound care, and includes an area for clinicians to assist with patient enrollment in Hollister’s Secure Start Services. The Hollister website also includes a comprehensive overview of products, along with a learning center for consumers, and an area for healthcare professional education.

Ostomy Care


Hollister Ostomy Care provides the appropriate services and products to help people maintain their ideal lifestyle after ostomy surgery. There are a variety of ostomy products to choose from on the newly designed product page to ensure you find the right product for your specific needs.

There are also resources like the Ostomy Care Learning Center where individuals can browse through educational materials that will help them understand what to expect, the different types of ostomies, and information on lifestyle questions for patients.  Visitors also have access to informational videos that go over important issues such as travel, relationships, types of ostomy, and diet.

Wound and Skin Care

Find information and educational videos on wound and skin care by visiting the Wound & Skin Care Learning Center. Here you’ll find resources designed to help you heal in the least amount of time.

Hollister Incorporated Resources for Healthcare Providers

If you’re a healthcare provider, you’ll enjoy the many resources they have listed, including their list of advocacy groups, designed to put you in contact with clinician and consumer organizations that work with patients requiring acute and critical care. There’s also an eLearning center where you can take courses designed to improve your overall clinical skills.

Hollister Educates Clinicians Who Help People with Spinal Cord Injury 8

hollister product lines

Secure Start Services by Hollister Incorporated

The new website allows consumers to conveniently request product samples as well as self-enroll into Secure Start Services. Visitors will receive support that is specific to their needs, from a Lifetime Service Coordinator. Participants will also have access to an on-site nurse to answer any questions they may have.


Hollister Incorporated continually demonstrates their support and overall concern for the well-being of the community they serve. That’s why Wheel:Life is happy to share the abundance of resources that Hollister has designed to help our readers enjoy life to the fullest.

Explore the new Hollister website for yourself by going to http://www.hollister.com.

About Hollister Incorporated

hollister incorporatedHollister Incorporated is an independently-owned global company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products, servicing over 90 countries. From the earliest days of our company, there has been a strong sense of community – a connection to people. That connection is embedded in the very fabric of our company, and as we continue to develop new products and services, we are focused on meeting the healthcare needs of people throughout the global community.

Hollister Continence Care helps give the gift of independence to people whose lives have been affected by spinal cord injury by developing exceptional research-driven urological products and services. We are committed to people and to helping empower their lives. Everything we do is informed by a single guiding principle: People First. Our products and services are testimony – first and foremost – to the assurance that quality of life needn’t be compromised by managing one’s continence.


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